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Homeowners Association Bans Stroke Victim Suspended Police Officer Reduced to Beating, Gassing Own Family - While an internal investigation continues to wrangle with the question of whether excessive force was used by Deputy Kyle Ramsey during his arrest of a loitering suspect two weeks ago, the officer has resorted to... (More)
Suicide FamilyNine Year-Old Outvoted 3-1 In Family Suicide Pact - Despite the stubborn opposition to the plan by youngest member Robby, the Peterson family of Whispering Water Lane in San Jose, California will commit suicide together this weekend after systematically destroying all their possessions... (More)  
Winners of NewsMutiny's 1st Annual Kids Shroom Art Contest

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HappyNews.com Reporter Kidnapped, Butchered      
15 Month-Old Black Man Shot By Police, Community Unhappy  
Reaganville Lamppost Renamed After President Reagan
Apple iTunes 
After suffering a debilitating stroke that has impaired her speech and left her with a severe limp, Diane Bell of Irvine, California was in for yet another unpleasant surprise. Weeks after her return from the hospital, Bell received a letter from her homeowners association informing her that she was ... (More)
Police: Serial Rapist "Obviously Not Too Picky"  
Obese, Malodorous Boy Missing  
American Worker Replaced by Mexican Palm Tree  
Netflix List Exposes Man As Gay, Stupid To Family And Friends  
Eleven Year-Old Scientist Discovers Masturbation  
Sloppy Shooter Kills 2, Wounds 44
Hundreds of Search Party Members Miss Final Four
Ghost of Charles Bukowski Haunting East Hollywood Apartment  
Boy Mauled by Zoo Lions Dream of Being on TV Comes True  
Hundreds Line Up for Free Beatings  
Fallen Man Stripped of Jewelry, Wallet, Vital Organs  
Women Seeking Abortion Forced to Spend Night in Haunted House
Sadness, Anger Outlawed In Irvine, California
Michigan Family to Lay Off 25% of Offspring