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Locals Protest Lack of Non-Handicapped Wal-Mart Parking Near Marine Base

A shrinking number of regular parking spots surrounding the Cardianal Heights Wal-Mart near Quantico Marine Base has many local residents fuming. The Super Center, which has been re-designating the spots closest to the entrance of the store to accommodate the growing number of injured veterans returning from Iraq, has been besieged in recent months by angry able-bodied civilians over the lack of convenient places to park their cars.

Complained one indignant customer: “All of a sudden over half of the parking lot is handicapped only. You’ve never seen anything like it. Nobody supports the troops more than me; the five ‘Support the Troops’ magnets on the back of my truck should be proof enough of that, but this is ridiculous. There’s nowhere to park!”

According to records, the number of spots reserved for the handicapped in the eight hundred stall parking lot serving the Cardinal Heights Wal-Mart has expanded from forty to three hundred and fifty - nearly forty-five percent of the total spaces - over the last two years.

“I support the troops, and especially the ones who’ve come back hurt, but I still don’t think its right they get the entire front half. Why should I have to walk over one hundred yards in the hot sun every time I go to Wal-Mart? It doesn’t make sense. After all, many of these guys are in wheelchairs anyway, so if anything, it’d be easier for them to travel the extra distance,” groused a disgruntled shopper.

Commented another man: “Wal-Mart is supposed to be known for its convenience. Where else can you buy a tire, a computer, Apple Jacks and handgun ammunition while your kids are getting their hair cut and their cavities filled all in the same place? Well, having to park on the street because all the few non-handicapped spots left are taken sure isn’t convenient. In fact, its ruining everything.”

Added the man: “But I support the troops.”

Despite the public outcry, it doesn’t appear that Wal-Mart officials are willing to budge on the issue.

“Wal-Mart supports our country’s troops and the locals will just have to deal with the parking as it is. What else are they going to do? Shop somewhere else? And where would that be?” spoke Wal-Mart regional manager Cliff Brunson.

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