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Man Commits Suicide After Winning $1 Million In Russian Roulette Tournament

43 year-old Isaac Clemons, formerly of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, killed himself less than twenty-four hours after winning one million dollars in a Russian roulette tournament when he drove his car into a river Sunday.

Despite defying the odds by being the only surviving contestant from a field of eight participating in the underground tournament, Clemons, who had battled clinical depression since losing his job and being divorced by his wife early last year, evidently found little solace in his improbable accomplishment or joy from his lucrative grand prize.

"I wasn't in it for the money," a downcast Clemons told his sponsor and other gamblers offering congratulations for his victory, according to a witness.

Upon exiting the tournament venue, believed to be somewhere in southeastern Pennsylvania, Clemons made his way to an exotic car dealership outside of Philadelphia where he paid $210,000 in cash for a 2006 Ferrari F430 Spider which he promptly drove straight into the Delaware River.

Although they have yet to rule out foul play completely, police claim there is little doubt that Clemons took his own life.

"The absence of skid marks combined with the fact that the portion of the river Mr. Clemons drove into was a quarter mile away from the nearest road indicates that this was no accident," remarked Eddystone, PA Lieutenant of Police Greg Wolford.

In addition, the authorities cite Clemon's last known act, a money order donation of the remaining $790,000 of his winnings to Senator Sam Brownback's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, as further evidence of suicide.

"Such an act is one of malice against the living, highly common to severely embittered, suicidal individuals who are angry with the world," said Wolford.

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