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Foul Ball Crisis: Are Hispanic Players Targeting White Fans? Trump Clones Could Extend Administration Decades
Homocidal Dog Sets Fire to Family Home
Game of Thrones Fans Spot Toyota Highlander in Episode 5
Pope Vows to Keep Child Molestation to Minimum
Plucky Band of Racist Children Start Work on Border Wall
Midland Roofer
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Lori Loughlin's Mother Arrested in Prison Admissions Plot
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9 Dead After White Shooter's Gun Mistaken for Banana
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Man Discovers He is 98% Douchebag on
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Navy Launches First Gay Submarine
Another baseball fan was injured by a ball batted into the stands yesterday, causing some to call 'foul!' on the Hispanic players they suspect might be intentionally targeting white spectators. "It might sound crazy, but if you read the baseball rule book closely, you'll see that once a batter has two strikes against him that he can actually hit as many foul balls as he wants without penalty, giving a green light to a Latino player with a political vendetta to take a shot at someone he suspects might have voted for... (More) - Professional case study writing service with experts.
Gitmo Prisoner One Butt Fucking Away from Revealing Key Intel
Charlotte Zoo Encouraging Patrons to Harass Gay Penguins

Ooh! Look at My Son, the Big Shot President! - By: Fred Trump - Oh, hey everybody! If it isn't my son Donald, the big shot President! Just look at him, sitting at his big, important desk in his big, snazzy Oval Office in his big, fancy White House. Whoop-dee doo! President Trump! Who would've guessed... (More)
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Take Your Huddled Masses and Shove 'Em - By: The Statue of Liberty - Take your tired and your poor, your huddled masses, yada, yada, yada, and shove 'em. Let them be poor and miserable somewhere else. Fuck off. Country's full. I know what my stupid plaque says. I don't care... (More)

Kochs Offset Gates Foundation with $550 Billion Donation to Evil

Man Protesting Death of Man Beaten to Death by Police Beaten to Death by Police

Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Love Thyself - Unless Thy Neighbor is a Fag - By: Jerry Wallingford - As commanded by the books of Moses and recorded in Mark 12:28-34, I believe that one should love thy neighbor as thy love thyself, unless of course thy neighbor is a fag... (More)

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