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China Turning to Mass Public Orgies as Population Continues to Shrink Russia Blames Orphan Children for Latest Military Failure
Election Denier Also Denies Own Loss of Hair, Youth, Wife
Cash-Strapped Consumers Passing Costs onto Children
SCOTUS Rules to Allow Men to Force Women to Have Abortions
Dow Drops 31,000 Points to Enter Negative Territory
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How A Nuclear Holocaust Might Impact Your Stock Portfolio
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Woman Realizes Dream of Dying of Preventable Disease
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Alternate Critical Race Theory Holds Blacks Enslaved Whites
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Dr. Fauci Urges Americans to Sexually Self-Gratify

Resembling a scene from Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut', only dramatically less elegant, outdoors and on a much larger scale, Chaoyang Square was the site of a massive government-enforced orgy yesterday as Beijing continues to grapple with China’s shrinking population numbers. "Suddenly, there were crowd control fences all around, and a voice over a loudspeaker ordered us to remove our clothes, then to have sex," one orgy participant's account appeared briefly on social media this morning. "It was terrible. Everywhere I looked there were police and unattractive... (More) - Professional case study writing service with experts.
Man Discovers He is 98% Douchebag on
Sliding Window
Charlotte Zoo Encouraging Patrons to Harass Gay Penguins
Fill out a US Visa application before your holiday

Make sure to acquire your e111 card before traveling to Europe
Comedy = Tragedy + Time! - By: Donald Trump - Hey, there. Remember me? Of course you do. Who could forget the best President of all time? From my big, beautiful wall to Space Force to reversing the wrongs committed against Lil Wayne, I truly made America great again. They're just jealous! (More)
Pool Leak Detection
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As a Proud Patriot, I Will Sacrifice Nothing for My Country - By: J.T. Bell - Freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are the three pillars upon which America rests elevated above all others. They are the foundation for what makes this country the greatest in the history of mankind... (More)

Kochs Offset Gates Foundation with $550 Billion Donation to Evil

Man Protesting Death of Man Beaten to Death by Police Beaten to Death by Police

Take Your Huddled Masses and Shove 'Em - By: The Statue of Liberty - Take your tired and your poor, your huddled masses, yada, yada, yada, and shove 'em. Let them be poor and miserable somewhere else. Fuck off. Country's full. I know what my stupid plaque says. I don't care... (More)

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Fucked Up Family Circus