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Hundreds Flock to View Image of Jesus in Vomit Puddle TrailerAncient Race of Christian Man Discovered - Evolution Debunked? - A group of Christian scientists triumphantly announced their discovery of archaeological evidence that could disprove the theory of evolution once and for all during a news conference at the... (More)
Jesus Barf
Palestinean Game showPalestine to Relinquish 400 Acres of West Bank Land After Abbas Gets "Zonked" on Israeli Game Show - Israel is set to confiscate four hundred additional acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank after an appearance by President of the Palestinian... (More)      
Poetry Corner - With Former Red Army General Uri Pavlovich

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Gay Soldier Makes Tiaras from Human Teeth          
Al-Qaeda Offers to Free Hostage in Exchange for 1,000 Puppies

Hundreds of faithful Christians have lined up around the block of a bar in Long Beach, California to pray before an image in a puddle of vomit they believe represents Jesus Christ. The image in question was first noticed by its "vessel" Jeremy Baskin after emerging from the back entrance of the Stumble Inn and throwing up near the side of... (More)

  Report: 1.2 Billion Children Starving for Content              
Azerbaijan to Erect World's Largest Penis
Gay-Athiest Forces Begin Liquidation of Christian Ghetto        
Japanese Little League Team Commits Hari-Kari After Losing Game        
Sun Takes Massive Shit        
Post-Modern Artist Claims Responsibility for Bombing in Iraq        
Army Claims Soldier's Bullet Wounds a Pre-existing Condition
Italian College Students Purchase Kansas City Royals for 500 Euros
Tabouli Protestors Demand End to Leader's 192-Year Reign
Something Fishy about Tanzanian Election
US, China Agree on Hot American Pussy for Debt Relief Deal
Zeus Appoints Lloyd Felkner Greek God of Fiscal Responsibility
World's Religious Followers Becoming Fed Up With God’s Bullshit
Citizens of Angrywhitecrackervania Jeer Obama Victory