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Study: 1.2 Billion Children Starving for Content

Over one billion children around the globe are starving for content, a new study shows.

Commissioned by the Global Media Distribution Concern, the study reveals that half of all people on Earth under the age of 18 are content deprived, and 1 out of 3 have little to no convenient access to modern digital entertainment.

"Even as content distribution models are shifting towards instantaneous, ubiquitous access using the web, social media and mobile devices throughout the First World, billions of children all over the planet go to bed every night with nothing to watch," said GMDC spokesman Evan Sloan.

Africa and large portions of Asia and Latin America suffer the highest rates of content deficiency, according to the report.

"Less than 10% of Africa is covered by a data network of 3G or higher, and nearly half a billion Asian children lack access to the most basic cable provider," Sloan said.

Added Sloan: "In Central America, DVDs and even VHS tapes are the only source of video entertainment for many kids. During a recent trip to Nicaragua I encountered a family who had watched 'Under Siege 2' more than one thousand times."

Other findings contained in the report reveal that over 98% of the world's population has never seen "The Big Bang Theory", and that 27% were unable to identify Kim Kardashian.

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