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Poetry Corner - With Former Red Army General Uri Pavlovich

As the most avid connoisseur of poetry of any former Soviet Red Army General, Uri Pavlovich's often constructive criticism is coveted by many aspiring poets. To submit your poetry for review, include your work in an email along with an accurate, recent photo of yourself to: contact



The Land Of Broken Dreams
By: Olivia Mathews

Lightning! Cold! Rain!
Autumn, dusk, dawn, repeat
The wind carries the leaves and her plaintive cries,
For just one more chance.
Sunshine! Warm! Birds!
Spring has sprung
A former lover’s door receives a knock. Knock! Knock!
“Who is it?” inquires the lover
The door opens yet slams for good
His eyes cold, dark and unforgiving,
Hasten the arrival of winter in the land of broken dreams

Love, love, love. Zacroy svoy peesavati rot, sooka! You Americans and your expecting to have life like in the fairy tale books! And you are such a fat one! Try knocking on door of American man as fat as you with mop in hand and bottle of vodka in other and stop crying. If you are still angry have children you can beat with stick. You are like big fat baby! Zhri govno i zdohni! -Uri

The Other Side
Michelle Boldin

Talented no-talents crowd aboard a bus,
Traveling everywhere but going nowhere,
They sit quietly, with their mashed potato eyes.
Is the driver one of slaves or serfs?
No, he is just a servant of public transportation,
A trustworthy fool with a salmon soaked smile,
He will conduct us through the fog to… the other side

Your petty bourgeoisie rubbish causes me great pain in the testicles. Such self indulgence while others truly suffer! Vali otsyuda! How many hot dogs are you eating while writing about such garbage? In good old days such poem would earning you train ride to labor camp on other side of Ural Mountains. You are in need of very hard lesson! Kooshay govno sooka! - Uri

The Ballpark
By: Daniel Finley

The bat cracks, the ball flies,
It is a home run for our team!
The crowd roars, I cheer,
My dad smiles for a change.
Later he buys me ice cream,
The Giants lose, but it is a fun day!

You are a stupid boy liking a game for girls. Ooh, look at me hitting ball followed by running in circle. . Only in America people pay money made for sitting on butt all week to sit on butt on day off watching sissy men scratching self through funny suits. Real men work hard in field all day, not standing in field doing nothing like waiting for bus to homosexual place for the dancing. If I were your father you would not go to such matches. Instead you would chop wood every day and if you chop enough wood without complaint I take you once to hockey match and buy you cabbage soup frozen to stick. If you disobey or I find you writing such rubbish poems I will trade you to gypsy for goat. Otlez' gnida! - Uri

Nature Is Beautiful
By: Rachel Loretta

Nature is beautiful. She is all over the place.
Like a bird that is everywhere she unfurls her wings,
To reveal snow capped mountains and tree spotted forests,
And laughing children building sand castles on the beach.
If this is a dream I hope I never wake,
To more war and hate...
Dear God I love you, but why can't we all get along?

Bravo! What a brilliant poetry! You are very talent! This is reminding me of the beauty of my homeland Nizhegorordskaya along Gorgovskoye River in springtime where you must come visit me soon! I can see we have much in common and would have much to speak of - Uri

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