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Child Molester Mounts Lead against Homosexual in Texas Mayoral Race

Incumbent Mayflower, Texas mayor Charles Webb, who admitted to being a homosexual during his first term in office, is trailing registered sex offender James McDonald by 32 points in his bid for re-election, recent polling shows.

The poll, taken by the Fort Worth Star-Tribune, indicates McDonald, who was arrested in 2005 after arranging a sexual liaison with a 13 year-old girl afflicted with Down syndrome, has taken a commanding 42% to 10% lead over Webb, with 48% of the electorate reporting as ‘undecided’.

“I’m not saying what McDonald did was right, but at least it was with a girl,” remarked Mayflower City Councilman Reginald Haley, “Whereas Webb’s a damn queer.”

Webb’s lack of contrition for his lifestyle choice relative to that which has been expressed by McDonald for trying to have sex with an underage girl with a severe mental disorder is also proving to be a factor in the minds of prospective voters.

“People make mistakes, and people should look past those mistakes and forgive if that person owns up to what they did wrong and is truly repentant," commented one of McDonald's supporters, "Mr. McDonald has apologized for his impropriety, but the mayor refuses to even acknowledge that being a homosexual is a sin.”

Though McDonald did apologize for his illicit behavior during the court hearing that adjudicated his release on 10 years probation in lieu of a conviction that would have prohibited him from seeking office, he has since been captured on record quipping, “I am truly sorry for what happened that day. I would have preferred it if the police weren't there.”

In addition, when asked if his transgression involving the disabled girl was his first, McDonald replied, “Which one?” before eventually answering in the affirmative, and when queried as to whether he was confident he would never commit such an act again, responded with a wink.

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