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Post-Modern Artist Claims Responsibility for Latest Bombing in Iraq

A post-modern artist has claimed responsibility for the latest bombing in Iraq, a blast that claimed the lives of 24 in Baghdad Saturday morning.

Nine children were among the dead, killed when the artist known only by the pseudonym Ali-Gone detonated his latest existentialist vision in the form of a truck bomb as a school bus passed in front of the Al-Baya Commercial Square in central Baghdad.

"The universe, the world, life – were each one born from the other as smaller spheres of chaos begat by the chaos of a singular explosion and sustained by the perpetual chaos of another – At the heart of chaos lies God," read a statement posted on a website by the artist explaining the motivation behind his blowing up the neighborhood.

Iraq's Interior Minister Bayan Baqir Solagh denounced the bombing, declaring: "The Iraqi government does not endorse such forms of artistic expression. The perpetrator of this act of trite, uninspired violence will be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law once apprehended."

Still, some have commended the artist's insights in bombing the square.

"It’s like a metaphor for the war itself, or even our lives and the entire universe," remarked one observer, "The explosion, as seemingly random and incomprehensible as it seems, is merely an incredibly complex sequence of events that defy our limited human minds to understand. It's brilliant, really."

Ali Gone's bombing is the second he has claimed responsibility for, though the first, of a fish market in his own neighborhood of Bab Al-Karkha last December, he has admitted carrying out simply because the market was noisy and smelled bad.

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