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McCain to Latino Voters: "Your Donkey is on Fire"

McCain LatinosRepublican presidential nominee John McCain raised a few eyebrows this morning when he informed an assembly of Latino voters that their donkey is on fire.

The announcement, made at the beginning of a set of prepared remarks McCain delivered to a convention organized by the National Council of La Raza in San Diego, reportedly elicited a general sense of consternation and some mild panic throughout parts of the room.

"Mis amigos, su burro esta en fuego," McCain proclaimed distinctly, and somewhat triumphantly, before reverting to English for the remainder of his ten minute speech, according to dozens of baffled audience members.

"He told us our donkey was on fire, then said a bunch of other stuff I can't remember because he started off by saying our donkey was on fire," said NCLR Southwest Regional Vice President Javier Velazquez, "I don't think he knows what the hell he's talking about."

However, during an interview with CNN's Lou Dobbs later in the day, McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis dismissed speculations that McCain either botched some other less off-putting Spanish phrase, or was made the unwitting victim of a joke.

"John was speaking metaphorically," Davis claimed, "In this case, a flaming donkey was used to symbolize the myriad of burning issues Hispanic Americans are facing this election cycle, of which John McCain is the one candidate possessing the unique ability and background to resolve, or extinguish, if you will."

Regardless of McCain's purported intentions, many Latinos have taken offense to the remark, an ominous development for the Republican side as both parties vie for the vote of the increasingly significant demographic.

"What's he think, we're all a bunch of 19th century campesinos riding our donkeys around town?" queried one Mexican American woman, "That's just stupid. I've got a Honda."

Added the woman: "Él puede comer mi mierda."

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