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Fat AssSomeone Should Pass Some Laws to Protect Me from My Big Fat Drunken Dumb Ass
By: Tucker Johnson
- Hey, there. How's it going? Not so good here. I'm a fucking blimp, my blood pressure is off the chart...
What Do I Need to Say to Put You in this Coffin Today? - By: A Sad Shell of a Man - Oh hi there. I see the Excelsior has caught your eye. It’s a fine coffin - very elegant. Do you mind if I ask what brings you by to see us... (More)    
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    Jesus Hates YouI’m Turning You Blind Because You’re Ugly and I Hate You - By: Jesus Christ -Hey there, Timmy. How’s the vision? Not so good? Getting worse and worse by the day, huh? What a real fucking shame. Remember when you had normal eyesight how you... (More)      

We Must Pray Harder!
By: Clyde Murphy – Faith Based Little League Baseball Coach
- Okay Bombers, huddle up.  Let’s go, take a knee. Now I know why some of you are crying, after all having God forsake you to the tune of...

    Debate Corner - "I'm Not Gay" Vs. "Give Me Some Cock!" - Featuring the Cerebral Cortex and Midbrain of a Sexually Repressed Homosexual Conservative Congressman      

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I Eat Depleted Uranium for Breakfast - By: Donald Rumsfeld        
Debate Corner: Abstinence - Should You Wait Until Marriage?  

Masturbation ManI Can Masturbate Through Anything - By: Russ Slayter - I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the smartest, most attractive or talented person on the planet, but I’m not stupid, altogether ugly or completely...

I Sent That Priest to Molest You as a Test of Your Faith, And You iiiFailed - By: God  
Fuck Freedom - By: Joe Bonner    
Sweetie, Wiping Your Semen into Mommy’s Carpet Makes the Baby iiJesus Cry - By: Kaitlyn Prendergast    
Just Because I Let My Daughter Dress like a Slut Doesn't Give Youiii iiiithe Right to Look at Her - By: Janet Marsh    
Gee Golly, War is the Pits! - By: A G-Rated GI
Druggie kidWhat’s My Drug of Choice? Well, What Have You Got? - By: Tucker Myers - Does smoking a single joint doom a person to a lifetime of crippling drug addiction? Will getting high on crystal meth impel you to throw yourself from...
All My Dead Babies in Heaven Love Me - By: A Woman Pumped Full of iiiFertility Drugs
I Enjoy Looking at Womens' Breasts - By: Tyler Jacobs    
You've Got To Want To Be Fucked Hard - By: Lance Sherwood    
My House is Occupied by the Most Delightful Demon!    
White Power! - By: A Retarded Skinhead    
This God Damn Swear Jar Is Going To Buy Me A New Mother Fucking iiiCar! - By: James Fuckin' Cobb
Porn ManThe Porno of Today is More Profane than Ever Before - By: Rep. Charles Monroe (R-NE) - Ladies and gentlemen of the House, Madame Speaker, I thank you for yielding the floor to me today so I may address what I view as a growing threat to our nation...    
  Your Daily Sex Traffic Report - With: Flabbergasted Dave    
  Making Fundamentalist Christian Chicks Miss Their Periods Is A iiiReal Hoot - By: Jesus    
  Seventy-Two Virgin Gay Boys In Heaven, Here I Come! - By: A iiiHomosexual Suicide Bomber    
Let the Death Panels Commence! - By: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel  
That's My Little Girl Getting Gang Banged On The Internet!  
Jesus Would Make One Heck of a Better Husband Than My Charlie - iiiBy: Peggy Kitzmiller  
I'll Get You Yet, Lance Armstrong! - By: Death    
Exclusive Ventriloquism Show: "I Might Be A Dummy, But I'm No iiiJew!" - Featuring Mel Gibson with Mr. Pitler