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White Power!
By: A Retarded Skinhead

Have you heard of black people? They are called black people because of there black skin. I don’t like black people because they steal all our money. Black people also stink. Once I had a plant that I would feed jelly beans every day until a black person walked by and it died. Also black people don’t like to be called nigger so I call them nigger all the time whenever they aren’t around. I like spaghetti a lot more than black people. White power!

Do you know what a Jew is? I do. They wear long beards and baggy pants. Jewish people love to eat fried chicken and watermelon which is much worse than spaghetti. Jews are very mean and most are in gangs but they don’t scare me because my gang could beat them in a water balloon fight or tug of war easy because they suck. White people are better than Jews. White power!

Do you like beaners? I dont. Beaners are really good at math but are still dumber than white people. Beaners don’t even know how to use forks and eat with sticks. I tried to eat spaghetti with beaner sticks once and started to cry because I like spaghetti a lot but couldn’t get any. White power!

Then there are Bulgarians. Bulgarians wear towels around there heads even though they never take showers which makes them stinky and stupid. White power!

I am also sick of the gooks. Gooks are called gooks because all they eat is gookberries and they sneak across the border from china and take all our jobs. They took a lot of my friends jobs at country house buffet but not mine because they don’t know how to say hello in American because there stupid. I hate gooks even more than making the bed. White power!

Have you ever seen an Indian? There aren’t many left since white people killed most of them with chicken pocks and because there too dumb to invent guns but there are still a few around and you can tell who they are by the dots they wear on their foreheads. There is one Indian guy who owns a liquor store down the street who I annoy by making Indian sounds with my mouth when I walk by and shouting go back to Indiana. Want to hear an Indian joke? How do you get an Indian out of a tree? Wave! White power!

I also hate Eskimos.

White power! YAAAY!!

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