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US Voters Look to Give Republican Party a 34th Try
Dispirited American voters have begun to slump back to the right, an indication that the electorate is ready to give the Republican Party a 34th try.
A harbinger of what political analyst Richard Helton calls 'a timeless inevitability', large numbers of disillusioned Massachusetts voters let their voices be heard by casting their ballots for Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown, portending what would be the 22nd shift in power between the two parties over the last century.
"I don't find the results of this week's election the least bit shocking - people are hungry for real, positive change, and they're going to lurch from the one party to the other until they get it," Helton remarked.

Martin Gibson of Ashland, Virginia is one such voter.

"What we need in this country is a government that actually represents the interests of its people, which is why I’m leaning towards voting Republican in 2010," Gibson said, referring to the political party he joined the majority of Americans in emphatically routing from power in 2008.

Indeed, historical polling charts reveal that the current shifting of support from Democrat to Republican conforms to steady trends established after the dissolution of the Whig Party in 1852.

"Whichever major party wins an election generally sees a leveling off of their popularity followed by a steep decline in approval after they assume control and start to suck – only to gradually recover over a course of 2-4 years after the other party prevails in the next major election and begins to really let everyone down," said Helton.

Helton added: "If you can imagine a woman with two drunken, abusive boyfriends trudging back and forth across a trailer park every other night, you're pretty close."

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