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Mitt Romney's Suicide Linked to GOP Bullying

Even in death, Mitt Romney is being bullied. On a memorial page dedicated to the former Massachusetts governor, Facebook members left taunting comments that had to be removed.

"Hot enough in hell, Mitt? It's where you belong, you Mormon m***** f*****!" read one post.

The 64 year-old perennial presidential candidate was found lying dead in a puddle of his own vomit yesterday after months of mockery and abuse from his fellow Republican Party members drove him to take an overdose of antidepressant medication.

"These people should be ashamed for what they did to my Mitt," wept Romney's wife Ann, "He just wanted to be President. Is that so wrong?"

Since announcing his candidacy in April, Romney was made a target of constant derision by those around him in the GOP, many of whom labeled him a socialist or called his jobs plan "stupid".

"Mitt Romney is a hypocrite and lacks credibility," Mitt Romney's former friend Rick Perry told an entire room full of reporters last week, "He's also a total fag."

Sadly, Romney's suicide has done little to discourage those who bullied him in life.

Wrote one online poster: "Glad he's dead. F*** that a******."

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