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Talk English Or Get Out of America
By: Michael Murphy

I think people should all speak English in America because English is the language of America, not Spanish or anything else. I am tired of people coming here and not speaking English even though it is our language. It is a complete tapestry.

I find myself becoming more and more indigent over how some neigborhoods in this country look more like neigborhoods in other countrys. You want to go to a place that looks like China, I say go to China. This is America. Why should we go to the trouble and expinse to make signs and stuff in other languages instead of making them learn English? When my ancestors migrated here from Ireland they didn't expect everyone to talk Irish, they learned themselves how to speak the natural language.

Is it right that I can't go into a resturant on American soil without an encyclopedia? I mean, what the heck is rigatoni? I ordered it because their wasnt spagetty on the menu and they said it was like spagetty, but it wasnt. It was these strange tubes, so there liars too. How hard is it to speak English anyway? Is it so omenous to say, "Hello, my name is Ching Chang Chong, could you tell me where the pet store is?" Seriously, I could say that when I was like three years old.

Maybe people who can't speak english are just stupid. Or lazy. Or maybe there stupid and lazy. Either way, its a gregarious insult to not even try to speak the natural english of a country, especially when your here taking our mexican resturant and gardening jobs. Talk about licking a gift horse in the mouth!

Now I know America is a melting pot distinctified by its divergence, but somewhere there needs to be a line drawn. I think we shouldn't let anyone in the country unless they already know English, and if they don't we should give them two years to learn how and then give them a test to test that they can speak it or else we should send them back from where they came from, unless their hot (and a chick).

There's this family who lives down the street from me from Nicarauga who have lived there for five years and the mom doesn't speak english still. It's implacable. There should be a law against it. There should also be a law against burning the flag.

In conclusion, I think if your going to live in America you should know how to speak English because it is our national language. The end.

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