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Gary Sandusky Maintains His Innocence

GARDEN CITY, PA - Gary Sandusky reiterated today that he is not a pedophile and has never sexually abused underage boys.

Asked by local reporters whether he is sexually attracted to children, Sandusky emphatically proclaimed that he is not, and later begged to be left alone.

"I am not a child molester. Now please get off my property," Sandusky pleaded from his front porch this morning.

Over the last seven months Sandusky's home has been heavily targeted by vandals who have set parts of it on fire and smashed its windows with bricks.

"He wants to be left alone? Guess who else just wanted to be left alone. Those kids," vented one enraged citizen.

Sandusky, who has pointed out the fact that both his name and age are different than those of Jerry Sandusky - the former Penn State football coach charged with sexually abusing eight boys - claims he remains confident he will not be convicted of any crime.

"My name is Gary. G-A-R-Y. Not Jerry. I'm a real estate attorney. You idiots. I've never coached football and I've never raped any kids. Now leave me the hell alone," Sandusky groused.

Still, Sandusky's words have fallen on deaf ears.

"Oh, I know he's a different person. I just don't care," said one man.

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