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New "Porn Star" Video Game Causes Friction

Family and religious groups are up in arms over the new video game "Porn Star" released by Climax Studios for the Nintendo Wii and Play Station 3, claiming it is obscene and poses a corrupting influence on children.

Similar to the widely popular "Guitar Hero" series, Porn Star utilizes a remote peripheral controller that straps around the wrist, allowing its user to simulate sex acts on cosmetically enhanced women by stroking their genitalia, or "jacking it", along with explicit sexual imagery on the screen.

"This is not wholesome family entertainment," said Susan Lansing of the childrens' advocacy group Children First, "It's indecent. Frankly, I don't see the difference between this game and someone just pulling down their pants and masturbating to pornography."

Other complaints about Porn Star have focused on what some call its homophobic and misogynistic content - including elements of the game that reward players with higher scores for spanking their female partners and drinking beer while having sex with them from behind, while subpar performances elicit mockery and profanity-laced put downs.

Colleen Shaw of Palo Alto, California fumed, "After playing Porn Star for less than an hour, my son came downstairs with tears in his eyes claiming the women in the game were comparing his penis to junk foods and insisting he is homosexual. I’m sorry, but that's just terrible for a young man's confidence."

Despite the controversy, Porn Star has amassed a legion of fans since its release last Tuesday, selling 200,000 copies in the United States alone.

"It’s great. I take a couple of Vicodin and I can play for hours," said Porn Star enthusiast Robert Faulk, "I put Jana Jordan's head straight through the wall on level 3 and the old lady next door went all apeshit. It was awesome."

Faulk added: "It's kind of weird, though. The game is really fun while I'm playing it, but after I'm done it seems kind of dumb."

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