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Disabled Athlete Doesn't Overcome Shit

The small forward wearing #3 for Sonoma State hobbled down the court, caught a pass and launched a three-point shot from the top of the arch that found nothing but the bottom of the net.

Unfortunately that one basket accounted for the only points junior Jared Potter contributed shooting off an artificial leg in eight attempts during the 76-52 shellacking his team suffered at the hands of rival Pepperdine in the final game of last year's basketball season - the last Potter will ever play in a Dolphins uniform.

Prior to losing his right leg at the knee in a car accident sixteen months ago, Potter, 21, was considered Sonoma State's top player and a possible NBA prospect, but all of that is over now after he failed to even make the squad of the perennially unranked mid-major team that hasn't qualified for the NCAA tournament since 1997 prior to his final year of eligibility.

"I thought through dedication and a lot of hard work I could conquer my handicap," said Potter, "But I was wrong."

According to Dolphins head coach George Dalleson, the decision to cut Potter was an easy one based on the marked decline in his performance since his injury.

"Jared went from averaging 21 points and 6 assists a game to just 4 points and an assist to turnover ratio of 1 to 3 after losing his leg. As admirable his indomitable spirit might be, and his value as a novelty for the fans notwithstanding, I have an obligation to putting a team on the court that gives us the best chance to win ballgames," he said.

Added Dalleson: "It's unfortunate, but the kid simply didn't have a leg to stand on."

Now a source of absolution for millions of physically disabled Americans across the country, Potter says he plans to realign his focus to pursue more realistic sedentary endeavors from now on.

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