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Baby Killer Surprises Kids at School

Two students at Sunset Hills Middle School in Tustin, California got the shock of their life Thursday when their dad, Major Rick Rasmus of the US Army, walked into their classrooms.

Rasmus, who has completed two tours of duty in Iraq and spent the last 11 months killing people in Afghanistan, including women and children, reportedly snuck up on his 13 year-old daughter Jordan while she was taking a test.

"I was terrified. He scared the crap out of me," Jordan recounted, "But then I saw these people who were taking pictures and stuff, so I knew he wasn't going to kill me. Then I was just humiliated. I totally wanted to die."

Rasmus says he decided to surprise his children after seeing YouTube videos of other surprise reunions.

"I love my kids so much," Rasmus said with tears in his eyes, "I just want to squeeze them until their heads explode."

Footage of Rasmus entering his son Jacob's 6th-grade class captures the 10 year-old boy screaming and running out of the room.

Not to be deterred, Rasmus says he is confident that a private reunion with his wife and kids will happen soon.

"I know where they live. And even if I didn't, I could track them," he said.

Added Rasmus: "There's no hiding from daddy."

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