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Taylor Swift Travels to North Korea, Dating Kim Jong-un

Pop star Taylor Swift arrived in North Korea Saturday on a diplomatic mission of "peace and understanding" North Korean state television reported.

The DPRK's Central News Agency confirmed that Swift is currently in North Korea, and that she has just ended a relationship with Vice Chairman of the North Korean Defence Commission Kim Yong Chun after having first shared brief romances with DPRK Minister of Foreign Affairs Pak Ui Chun, Minister of the People's Armed Forces Kim Jong Gak, a North Korean airline pilot, customs official, baggage claim attendant and shuttle driver.

"I've come to this country with an open heart and open arms, and I hope my hosts might do the same. I don't believe that any of the world's problems cannot be solved with love," Swift said.

Swift, who has recently been intimately linked with Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy and One Direction singer Harry Styles, reportedly is currently dating North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

According to Swift's publicist, Jong-un has granted a request made by the pop star for an unescorted visit to one of the country’s most notorious prison labor camps.

The U. S. State Department indicated that Swift's journey was not sponsored by the American government.

"We don't vet U.S. citizens' private travel to North Korea," said State Department deputy Vincent Baker, "Still, we consider the trip ill-advised. It's not her open arms we're necessarily concerned with."

Most recently, media outlets in South Korea have issued reports of an outbreak of violence in Pyongyang, leading some to speculate that a coup might be taking place.

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