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George Zimmerman Embraced by Racist Jewish-Latino Community

Seeking shelter from the storm of controversy that has followed his acquittal of murder and manslaughter charges for his role in the death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has reportedly found sanctuary amongst the racist Jewish-Latino community.

"George is a good boy," remarked Zimmerman supporter Pedro Finkelstein, "That shvartza on the other hand... feh."

Walking the streets of Pico Menorah, a notoriously prejudiced Jewish-Latino enclave of Miami where it is believed Zimmerman has taken refuge since disappearing from the public eye this week, it is difficult to find anyone with a negative opinion of the usually polarizing figure.

Remarked Ismael Gonzalez, propreitor of a local gefilte fish taco restaurant: "Mira. The man stood trial and the goyim set him free. Probably figured one less meshugeneh on the streets. Chupa mi verga."

Zimmerman, who has said he would like to pursue a career in law so he can help people who find themselves in predicaments similar to his in the future, drew more praise from Pico Menorah residents for his ambitions.

Cheered one woman: "A lawyer. Que bueno! Or maybe he could be a doctor, or a fish monger like his uncle Moeshe."

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