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Separate Mass Shootings Converge into 'Super-Mass Shooting'

A mass shooting that began outside a music festival in Dallas combined with another mass shooting at a nearby graduation party last night, resulting in a 'super-mass shooting' that left at least 200 people dead, authorities report.

According to a still-emerging timeline, the two separate active shooter events began within 5 minutes and a quarter of a mile of one another, producing a vortex of bullets and panic when each converged with the other near Highland Park in North Dallas.

"Drawing from the first 911 calls, the festival shooter opened fire outside the venue at approximately 9:02 pm, dispersing the crowd east and westbound on Hawthorne Blvd. - leading to a convergence of the latter group and another traveling eastbound when the graduation party shooting commenced at 9:05, creating a swirling, tornado-like effect of bloodshed until each of the shooters fortunately shot one another," Dallas PD spokesman Allen Naylor described.

Responding to queries over whether the shooters were working in coordination with one another, Naylor indicated that there were no signs that they were.

"It does not appear that the shooters knew one another or had any previous communication," he said. "Sadly, this appears to be a tragic coincidence."

Contacted for comment, Texas Governor Greg Abbot's office responded merely that they would not be party to 'the politicization of such terrible acts'.

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