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Republican Senator James Inhofe Changes Party, Sex

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma shocked both sides of the aisle, his family, and the entire Sooner State this morning by announcing that he has renounced his Republican ties to become a Democrat, and plans to have a sex change operation.

Appearing for a mid-day press conference in a blond wig, dark red lipstick and a smart pink dress suit, Inhofe teetered on a pair of high-heeled shoes and fought his emotions as he addressed the media.

"It’s been such a struggle, such a struggle," an uncharacteristically soft-spoken Inhofe said, his mascara slowly streaming down his face, "I don’t want this anymore. I want to be good.  I want to have a baby."

Inhofe went on to indict his manhood as being culpable for his behavior as a politician up until now.

"My penis makes me do bad things. I want to protect the environment, but my penis says no.  My penis hates nature. He likes to torture people, to commit war. He makes me rub him while I do things that kill trees and birds. I don't want to be bad anymore.  I want to let the gays be gay.  I want this penis off of me," Inhofe said.

Similar to Arlen Specter’s defection two weeks ago, news of Inhofe's renunciation of the GOP has already triggered a backlash amongst Republicans.

"We don’t need traitors like this in the Republican Party or the male race," ProudOkie posted on a FreeRepublic.com message board.
"Benedict Inhofe is an ugly woman," read another, "I hope his new vagina gets cancer."

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