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Woman Sees Sad Face of Ronald McDonald in Hamburger Bun - Renews Loyalty to McDonalds

A woman who found herself confronted by the sorrowful visage of Ronald McDonald on the bun of a hamburger purchased from a local diner has vowed to never buy a non-McDonalds burger again.

Susan Haley, 42, initially couldn't believe what she saw when she lifted the bun of a hamburger she'd ordered from Daddio's Diner outside of San Antonio, Texas, but was soon convinced that, discernable within the toast mark outlines on the bread was the unmistakable image of the frowning face of the famous McDonalds icon, Ronald McDonald.

"I was definitely shaken. Seeing Ronald's heartbroken face on that bun really hit me hard," remarked a still visibly distraught Haley, "I felt so guilty - and even though I know Ronald McDonald isn't that kind of clown, I felt as though his eyes were condemning me for my betrayal. Oh God, I can still see them now. I'm so ashamed."

After absorbing the immediate shock of the incident, Haley says the experience has caused her to reflect on certain aspects of her life.

"First off, I don't know what I was doing in that place to start with. After all, I love McDonalds and its entire menu, not just the burgers which are so irresistibly delicious. I guess I just wanted to try something new, to see what else was out there. But now I see the error of my ways - after all, there is no virtue more virtuous than loyalty, not to mention that that other place used whole leafs of lettuce instead of the shredded kind, and I wouldn't have seen Ronald in the first place if they didn't toast their buns, which is just bizarre. Yes, from now on I will never buy another burger from a restaurant besides McDonalds."

The appearance of Ronald McDonald on the bun of a hamburger adds to the recent spate of notable countenances manifesting in food, which has included the materialization of Paris Hilton on a grilled cheese sandwich, the discovery of a potato chip shaped like Ernest Hemingway, and the face of Stalin on a kaiser roll.

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