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Texas Pep Boys Locations to Stop Providing Abortions

Joining the ranks of Woolworth's and Ace Hardware, automotive chain Pep Boys announced today that they will no longer offer abortion services at any of their Texas locations.

Citing the state's recently enacted law that prohibits abortions as early as six weeks, the Pennsylvania-based company stressed that their decision was strictly financial.

"Pep Boys is in the business of providing quality auto parts, service and abortions at affordable prices, and we will continue to do so. Unfortunately for our customers in Texas however, the restrictions imposed by Senate Bill 8 have made the continuation of abortion services there unviable at this time from a business standpoint," Pep Boys spokesman Allen Tork remarked in a statement this morning.

Still, the latest narrowing of options for Texan women demanding sovereignty over their own bodies has further intensified their anger towards their government.

"Used to be, I could terminate a pregnancy while my oil was getting changed or my husband was shopping for a new lawn mower. Now I'll have to drive all the way out to some Dollar Tree in New Mexico to get my next abortion," one woman fumed.

Added the woman: "Meanwhile, you know that if (Governor) Greg Abbot's daughter got pregnant that she could just go say the magic word at Neiman Marcus. Typical hypocritical bulls***."

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