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'To Kill a Mockingbird' Sequel to Feature Scout Finch as Prostitute

More than five decades after Harper Lee published her landmark work "To Kill a Mockingbird", the 88 year-old writer is set to release a second novel this summer.

According to her Publisher Harper, "Go Set A Watchman" will serve as a sequel to Mockingbird, and will feature many of the same characters.

"Scout Finch, now a 28 year-old woman, is forced to grapple with the problems of adulthood alone after her father Atticus was lynched as a race traitor by the KKK," Lee explained, "A single mother of six, Scout lives in a rusty trailer and struggles to get by as a prostitute servicing workers of a nearby fertilizer factory."

Meanwhile, Scout's brother Jem is dealing with issues of his own after losing an arm and both legs to a Japanese landmine in World War II.

"Jem returns to Maycomb a shell shocked alcoholic who spends his days teetering on a bar stool, using his last remaining limb to drink himself to death," Lee said.

Boo Radley will reportedly also make an appearance in the new novel, on death row for the murder of nine children.

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