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Differently-Abled Boy Able To Sit Still For Hours On End

Trevor Connor, the six year-old differently-abled son of Michelle and George Connor of Colorado Springs, Colorado, possesses the rare ability for a boy his age to sit completely still for hours, his proud parents report.

"Our Trevor is an angel. He's very calm and quiet. He'll sit completely motionless for hours, and then when he does move, it's usually just his head or a hand shifting an inch or less, as opposed to his entire body jumping all over our nice furniture or knocking things over and breaking them. In fact, Trevor will lie still so long that either George or I will have to move him ourselves so he doesn't get an infection," remarked Mrs. Connor.

Not surprisingly, Trevor's unique talent has become a source of jealousy amongst the other parents of young children in the Connors' neighborhood.

Commented Rebecca Heinz, who lives next door to the Connors, "Trevor attended my son Dakota's seventh birthday party last month, and his behavior was exemplary. While the other children were bouncing off the walls screaming their lungs out, he just sat in a chair the entire time without making a peep."

Continued Heinz: "And according to Michelle, enforcing bedtime in their household is never a problem, because apparently Trevor rarely even leaves his bed in the first place. Boy, I wish I could say the same. Every night at 9 o'clock is basically World War Three at my house."

Although Trevor is still very young, the Connors are very optimistic about the future his special ability might bring someday.

"We tell our Trevor he could be anything he puts his mind to," says George, "For instance, somebody who sits on a porch to deter burglars or as an extra in big Hollywood war movies."

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