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Alice Marie Johnson Busted with Over 20 Kilos of Ecstasy

Alice Marie Johnson is back in hot water with authorities after an early morning raid of the recently pardoned great grandmother's residence in Memphis Sunday netted over $4 million worth of ecstasy pills.

The culmination of less than three days work, members of a local Sheriff's task force discovered the massive cache of drugs on Johnson's living room floor in bags labeled "Ecstasy".

"It was a relatively straightforward case. We busted a mid-level dealer the day before, and when we asked him who his supplier was, he said, 'That old broad Kim Kardashian just got out of jail," Memphis Sheriff's spokesman Russ Kirkland described.

Meanwhile, despite the ink barely having dried on the presidential clemency that Kardashian and other supporters of Johnson pushed to get her previous narcotics conviction commuted, Johnson offered no apologies to her benefactors.

"What, did you expect me to go work at Cracker Barrel or some shit? Y'all can kiss my ass," Johnson remarked.

Continued Johnson: "I can do another twenty-one years standing on my head. I'm Queen of the Penitentiary, bitches."

Memphis Police are reportedly also looking at Johnson as a person of interest in the murder of local drug kingpin Jimmy "Mad Stacks" Jackson, who was found hanging from a meat hook in an abandoned warehouse in Bartlett Thursday.

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