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Hurricane Bears Down on Reporter Standing in Rowboat in Middle of Atlantic

Hurricane Lee remains a large, major hurricane that is creating dangerous surf and rip currents off the U.S. East Coast as it bears down on a reporter standing in a small rowboat one thousand miles off the coast of North Carolina.

According to the latest predictive models, the Category 3 storm is moving safely away from the Caribbean Islands and the U.S. mainland, but directly towards CNN meteorologist reporter Felicia Walker, who was dispatched from a larger boat to cover the hurricane for the news channel Tuesday.

"So far conditions here remain relatively calm, but we expect all that to change in the coming days as Lee reaches this part of the Atlantic Ocean packing sustained winds of over 120 miles-per-hour," Walker reported from the ten-foot-long wooden dinghy this morning.

"In addition to the wind, drenching rain and waves the size of skyscrapers are predicted for the region as small watercraft such as mine are capsized and likely reduced to splinters," Walker added.

Walker, whose on-location coverage should provide dramatic footage of the storm's fury, admonished viewers to stay on shore.

"Honestly, there is no good reason for anyone to be in the middle of the ocean directly in the path of a massive hurricane right now," Walker advised. "It's suicidal, in fact, so for the love of god, everyone stay home, and someone please take care of my cat."

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