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Romney Accuses Gingrich of Supporting Legislation to Keep Diseased Cattle Out of Food Supply

Mitt Romney fired a new salvo against rival GOP candidate Newt Gingrich today, accusing the former House Speaker of supporting legislation that would have kept diseased cattle out of America's food supply.

"For all the lip service my opponent pays to smaller government, records show that during his tenure in Congress he endorsed a bill that would have prohibited the meat industry from butchering cattle simply because they couldnt stand or walk," Romney said of Gingrich.

Romney's latest rebuke of Gingrich was issued just hours after Gingrich slammed Romney for backing regulations to limit air pollution while he was governor of Massachusetts.

"When the children in your state are developing asthma at half the rate of the national average – I have a problem with that," Gingrich remarked.

Gingrich also went on to point out that Governor Romney approved funding for battered women shelters and cystic fibrosis research.

Romney dismissed Gingrich's latest round of attacks as a 'pack of lies', and referred to him as a 'liar'.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum echoed Romneys disapproval of Gingrich's historical support of downed livestock regulation.

"It makes no sense. What would stop every cow in America with an interest in self-preservation from just sitting down and pretending they couldn't get up?" Santorum said.

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