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FBI: White Supremacist Group Keeping Busy Playing "Race War"

WASHBURN, OH - Members of a white supremacist skinhead group called the White Aryan Caucasian Front are having fun playing a game called "Race War", the FBI reported today.

According to investigators charged with supervising the rag-tag bunch, they appear to be working on a fort of some kind.

"Every day the boys are outside running around, shooting at watermelons, getting lots of sun and exercise," marveled FBI Special Agent Kyle Cooper. "This week they started to build a fortress out of some old railroad ties and cement they found in the woods."

Despite their satisfaction with the skinheads' playtime activities, the FBI said they will continue to monitor the group.

"Skinheads are skinheads and playing race war is what skinheads do," Cooper remarked. "Fun is fun, but just so long as they keep their roughhousing to a minimum and only shoot at fruit. Otherwise rumpus time is over."

If the group does get out of hand, Cooper pointed out that some WACF members could face time-outs in the state penitentiary.

"That'd be a real shame, though, because they really seem to be enjoying themselves," he said.

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