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New Website Allows Users to Rate, Review Individual People

Described by its founders as a fun and easy way to find, recommend and discuss great people - and not so great people - all over the world, Scuttlebutt.com is taking the internet user-based feedback platform to a new level.

Similar to the way existing sites such as Yelp and RottenTomatoes allow members to rate and review everything from movies and restaurants to funeral parlors and dog kennels, Scuttlebutt offers users the opportunity to give their opinion of anybody living or dead, and rate them on a scale of one to five stars.

"Scuttlebutt is not only entertaining, but it's extremely useful," remarked part owner Christopher Ryan, "For example, many people put up false fronts during the early stages of a relationship, but by allowing users to read testimonies from former significant others, Scuttlebutt can be used by people looking for that special someone to uncover their date's hidden flaws before they end up wasting their time and money on someone with diabetes or a loose vagina or something."

Added Ryan: "The same practical applications can be applied to job applicants, as even the most incompetent, disagreeable of jerks are usually capable of pulling it together to seem quite normal during the span of any interview process."

Boasting a database capable of sorting profiles by address, ethnicity, age and rating, Scuttlebutt enables users with highly specific criteria to get in touch with people possessing characteristics that match their interests.

Commented one user: "I never knew how many slutty women lived in my neighborhood until I checked out Scuttlebutt. There's this one Asian chick who lives in a building about a block away who likes to be tied up naked to her bed and have live lobsters crawl over her body, which is pretty interesting. The guy who wrote it says he thinks her dad was a fisherman in China or something."

Despite Scuttlebutt's growing popularity, the site has become a lightning rod of controversy since its inception as many claim that the compromising photos, descriptions and accounts of their personal lives submitted by third parties without their knowledge or permission constitutes a violation of privacy.

"The site is perfectly legal," countered Scuttlebutt's founder Dennis Howard, "If these people didn't want information about themselves disclosed for public consumption, they shouldn't have gone out and done things."

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