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Point, Counterpoint - A Debate on the Republican Healthcare Bill

If The Republican Healthcare Bill is Signed into Law, My Daughter and Most of My Family Will Die
By: Pamela Shields

I will be frank and to the point. If the Republican healthcare bill recently passed by the House of Representatives is signed into law in its current form, my child and most of my family will die.

My four-year old daughter Samantha was born with a rare liver disorder that requires her to receive stem cell treatments. Without these treatments, which I already pay $12,000 for out of pocket even with insurance each year, she will die. If the GOP's healthcare bill were to become law, the price of her care would rise to a level that neither I nor my family could afford, and she would die. My husband, who is in the military, is barely paid a salary adequate to provide for our current health care needs, and as a result of such a steep increase in our premiums as would result from this bill, our daughter would die. Samantha is only four, and she was born this way. In the wealthiest country in the world, she should be entitled to at least live, and doesn't deserve to die.

Meanwhile, my mother and brother are also both battling cancer. My mother, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy to fight her stage 3 breast cancer, can barely afford her treatments. My brother, who needs an operation, will die if he doesn't get it, and he likely wouldn't if this bill passes. My mother and brother are my only family other than my daughter and husband I have left, and I don't want them to die. Please don't make them die.

By: Raul Labrador - (R, ID)



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