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President Bush Contemplating Founding New 'Homes for Humans' Charity

Bush idiotWith his second and final term drawing to a close, President Bush revealed today his intention to possibly devote himself to "some kind of humanitarian cause" after leaving the Oval Office.

Though seemingly ambiguous at the outset, Bush proceeded to describe a somewhat specific plan to found his own charitable organization that would, "Help build new houses for people whose homes have been smashed or burned up, or whatever," during an informal press gathering outside the White House this morning.

"I haven't settled on a name yet, but I was thinking of calling it 'Homes for Humans', or maybe 'Homes for People'. Or 'Houses for Humans'," Bush said, adding: "Or 'Houses for People'."

Supporting his tentative commitment to launching the reportedly for-profit venture of providing cost-efficient dwellings for the poor and displaced, Bush shared a couple of architectural designs he drew himself which, despite their resemblance to structures that might be better suited to shelter dogs orbush home chickens, are strictly intended to house humans, as the name of the prospective organization denotes.

"They'll walk in the door here," Bush stated, pointing to a rectangle within a larger arrow-shaped depiction of a house, "And they'll live inside there and maybe build a little fire to stay warm or cook and stuff," he said, indicating a chimney emitting a wavy line.

Evidence of his lack of architectural training notwithstanding, the endeavor seems appropriate for a president who oversaw some of the nation's worst natural disasters in recent history.

"As President I've surveyed my share of disaster areas, where people's houses were flooded, burned down, or just up and blew away, and one thing I've learned is that people need homes to live in, otherwise they'd be homeless," Bush proclaimed.

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