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Nation Erupts Over Mistreatment of White Billionaire Population

Thousands of demonstrators clashed with police in New York and dozens of other cities across the US as public anger over the mistreatment of billionaires in the country reached a boiling point this weekend.

Touched off by comments by Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay that his arrest in 2014 for driving under the influence of Oxycontin and hydrocodone was motivated by police prejudice against rich, white billionaires, throngs of angry Americans have taken to the streets to demand inequitable treatment of their socioeconomic betters.

"What good is it to have billions of dollars if you can't even drive around high on painkillers?" one protester asked. "That's bulls***."

"No injustice no peace!" the man added, pumping his fist.

While many attending the rallies are also incensed over the recent backlash against billionaire businessman Elon Musk for his endorsement of antisemitic social media posts, the main wellspring of anger remains the prosecution of former President Donald Trump, who is currently facing a total of 78 felony counts in connection to making hush-money payments to a porn star, hoarding and impeding the recovery of classified documents and attempting to end American democracy.

"It's just wrong. I'd like to see the system go after a poor black guy who tried to nullify the Constitution and make himself dictator for life," one man vented. "That would be the day."

Trump, who has already been found guilty of fraudulently inflating his net worth to acquire favorable treatment from banks and insurers, should be able to do whatever he wants, the demonstrators say.

"The law should not be blind," another protester argued. "At the end of the day, whether you're black or white, rich or poor, the color of your skin and content of your bank account should matter."

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