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Conservative Gals '79 is Fine' Counters Liberal Women's Movement

Patricia Clarkson, a retail associate from Dayton, Ohio, makes three quarters what her male counterparts with the same job title do, and she's okay with that, her husband Tom says.

"I hear women make an average of 79% of what men make, so maybe I'd like to see her get a bit of a bump, but overall, we think it's fair," Clarkson said.

At odds with the generally liberal nature of the current women's movement, Clarkson's opinion that "79 is fine" is being echoed by a growing number of more traditional gals across the country.

"Ideally, a woman wouldn't work at all as her place is in the home," '79 is Fine' founder and spokesman Michael Gibbs remarked. "In addition to the obvious fact that they are not as physically strong as men, women are less capable of managing complex tasks such as organizing detailed sales reports and navigating public transit systems by themselves and are easily frightened by conflict and loud sirens - things that are common to the workaday world."

Still, others within the movement say 79% might actually be too much.

"Some of the women I work with can turn into real hyenas during their time of the month," one male worker said. "If anything, they should be paying us to put up with that stuff."

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