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Actor John Hurt Luckily Dies

Actor John Hurt luckily died Friday.

Known for for his roles in "Midnight Express", "The Elephant Man" and "V for Vendetta," Hurt, who was 77, was fortunate enough to pass away just six days into the Trump presidency.

"John was supremely talented and a very hard worker, and he will be missed," Hurt's publicist Paul McKinney remarked. "The lucky bastard."

Envy of the fallen star poured in on social media.

Actor Kiefer Sutherland tweeted: "As in his professional career, John always had impeccable timing. I wish I was dead."

And from Natalie Portman: "So sad to hear John Hurt is gone. And that I'm still here!"

Hurt, who trained to become a painter but, after being accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, worked on the stage in the early 1960s before establishing his career in Hollywood as a twice Oscar-nominated actor, will be spared 99% of Trump's time in office, or however long its duration before the rest of us are all dead.

"It's like the guy he played in 'Alien'," one fan said. "It's like I've got some hideous foreign creature incubating inside me just waiting to someday explode from my chest. Oh, God. John, take me with you."

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