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Mike Pence Denies Wearing Nazi Uniform He is Wearing

Appearing at a new countertop factory in Stubenville, Wisconsin dressed in a Nazi uniform this afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence denied that he was wearing a Nazi uniform.

"I am not wearing a Nazi uniform," Pence responded to a reporter who asked why he was wearing a Nazi uniform, referring to the dark Wehrmacht uniform adorned with Nazi epaulettes and medallions that he had on.

"I don't believe I even own a Nazi uniform," Pence claimed. "Honestly, I'm not sure I know what a Nazi is."

The Vice President, who last week denied knowing anything about an activity in which children were directed to build a wall out of paper bricks at a Halloween party he attended, went on to note that his wife selects his wardrobe.

"Karen buys all my clothes," he said. "Maybe she went to the wrong store."

Meanwhile, other members of Trump's staff who also appeared at the function dressed in Nazi regalia made similar renunciations.

"I don't know anything about that," Associate Counsel to the President Ryan Bremberg remarked regarding the Waffen SS tunic and jodphurs he was wearing.

"Mrs. Pence bought this for me," Bremberg stated. "I thought it was a regular suit."

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