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American Nazi Party Draws Right Wing Ire Over Diversification Policy

The American Nazi Party has found itself in the crosshairs of right-wing outrage after it was discovered that the organization has started to implement new diversification policies.

Once a bastion of hate against all non-Aryan, Christian and heterosexual races, creeds and sexual orientations, the party acknowledged that it has taken steps to incorporate a "kinder, gentler form of fascism" they argue will strengthen its ability to achieve its greater objectives.

"A larger, more inclusive Nazi party that allows, for example, lighter-skinned blacks and homosexuals who aren’t too gay, is a stronger Nazi party more capable of defeating the Jewish conspiracy that has oppressed us for so long," Nazi spokesman Dennis Coleman argued.

Still, the party's small step towards the 21st century has met with stiff resistance from the right, drawing a target on its back similar to which have made the likes of Lowes, Anheuser-Busch and Chik-fil-A the subjects of boycotts from conservative consumers.

"What's the world coming to? Puerto Ricans in the Nazi party? Trannies working at Chik-fil-A? Next thing, they'll start letting black people sit in the rockers at the Cracker Barrel," self-proclaimed 'anti-woke' podcaster Kevin Hunter complained.

"It's getting hard to find things I can buy without feeling bad," Hunter continued. "I used to love Bud Light and Chik-fil-A, but no more. Now I drink Coors and eat at Bojangles. The chicken is s***, but at least it wasn't made by f***."

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