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Megadeth Cruise Registers 30th Death

The third annual MegaCruise, a heavy metal-themed ocean cruise headlined by thrash-metal band Megadeth, registered its 30th death from COVID-19 yesterday.

Billed as an interactive experience putting fans front and center with their favorite metal icons, the vessel continues to sail despite a mounting pile of bodies, some of which have been captured by dramatic aerial footage being tossed into the sea by crew members.

"Nothing's going to stop the MegaCruise! The MegaCruise rocks on, balls to the wall!" someone onboard reportedly responded to orders to return to port before the boat steamed into international waters Tuesday.

Referencing a pair of his own band's song titles, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine tweeted that his passengers would rather be 'sweating bullets' or even 'wake up dead' than bow to 'medical tyranny'.

"MegaCruise is a celebration of freedom. It's a brotherhood that takes its strength from numbers, even while those numbers might be dwindling," Mustaine posted.

Added Mustaine: "All our events will continue. From our scheduled concerts to our 'Tornado of Pulls' slots casino and 'Take No Prisoners' shuffleboard tournament, the party goes on!"

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