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Marjorie Taylor Greene Applauds Low Vaccination Rate at COVID Funeral

Newly surfaced video from a funeral of a Mississippi woman who died of COVID-19 features Marjorie Taylor Greene (R, GA) congratulating attendees for their state's low vaccination rates.

The event, which doubled as a political fundraiser for Greene, reportedly drew hundreds of supporters who cheered as a casket containing the remains of Gulfport's Julie Keeter was lowered into the ground.

"Let's all take a moment to celebrate Jessica's life - a life spent relishing the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution, and not cowering in fear from some cockamamie virus," Greene spoke during the funeral.

"When Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden's other police state comrades told you to mask up, to shoot up, to socialisty distance in order to protect against something that usually doesn't even kill you, you said heck no. I've got better things to do," Greene lauded the crowd.

As in Alabama days before, the Georgia Congresswoman went on to repeat her suggestion that people greet door-to-door volunteers promoting vaccinations with firearms.

"We don't need shots. We've got shotguns!" Greene exclaimed to wild cheers. "And whether you're a needle-toting hippy or the Chinese flu, come knock on our doors and see what you get!"

Greene's spokesman again declined to disclose whether the Congresswoman has herself received the vaccine, citing her rights under HIPAA law.

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