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White Supremacist Loses Big On Jeopardy!

45 year-old truck driver and avowed white supremacist Luke Chandler of Alabaster, Alabama finished his appearance on Jeopardy this Thursday with a score of –22,600, a new record low for any contestant on the game show since its inception in 1964.

Chandler, who mentioned needing the prize money from the show to fix several leaks in his roof before declaring the Aryan race superior to all others during his first round interview with host Alex Trebek, earned his dubious distinction by responding incorrectly to every question he ventured an answer for en route to a last place finish behind a Malaysian attorney and an African American school teacher.

Chandler, who was mistaken for a tampon by many of the show's viewers commenting on social media, remarked after the episode's airing: "Maybe if there were more questions about the true history of our country and less about grape soda and mariachi music, I would have done better. But I guess those Jew producers know what they're doing."

A review of the episode's transcripts shows it contained no questions related to grape soda or mariachi music. It did however contain one question regarding the location of a non-prokaryotic cell's genetic inforation, to which Chandler responded, "In the back", and another requiring the name of the book Hitler wrote while in prison, to which he replied, "What is Hitler?".

ABC reportedly received over two thousand calls of complaint over the show - most related specifically to Mr. Chandler's full Ku Klux Klan costume, his intermittent shouting of white supremacist slogans throughout its airing, and his reference to Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall as, "Some nigger judge."

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