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Ozzy Osbourne Dies of Alzheimer's Disease On-Stage

British rocker Ozzy Osbourne died of Alzheimer's disease on-stage while performing in Australia Monday night.

Doctors speculate that the heavy metal icon probably suffered from the disease for several years, though it was never officially diagnosed.

Osbourne's collapse was the second by a high-profile performer in a week at the Sydney Opera House, where Jimmy Buffett fell off stage last Tuesday.

According to members of the audience, Osbourne removed his shoes and pants upon taking the stage, then revealed that he'd had a bowel movement before his band launched into the crowd favorite "Bark at the Moon".

"It was a bit more like 'Mumble at the Moon', but that's to be expected," remarked one concert-goer who has seen Ozzy more than twenty times,  "He was puttering around in circles and seemed pretty disoriented - but no more than usual."

Another audience member told TMZ.com that the grim reaper appeared on stage during the song "Let Me Hear You Scream" and chased Osbourne around the stage for several seconds before the singer crumpled to the ground and passed away.

"I thought it was part of the show," said the man.

The latest incident of an elderly pop star experiencing a medical emergency on-stage has shined new light on a disturbing new trend. In addition to Osbourne's death and Buffett's tumble, Steven Tyler, Morrissey, David Gahan, Gene Simmons, Chuck Berry and Iggy Pop have all fallen off stages in the past sixteen months, prompting leading ticket vendor Ticketmaster to announce they will begin offering customers optional reimbursement insurance for select engagements that feature senior citizen performers.

"It's not a bad idea," pondered one Osbourne fan in attendance at Monday's show, "I mean, it's kind of awkward to ask for a refund considering the tragedy and all, but I paid a hundred bucks for my ticket and the guy only played three songs before he dropped dead."

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