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Manager of Tucson Safeway: "Please Stop Shooting People at My Safeway"

The manager of the Tucson Safeway where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others were shot Saturday addressed members of his community this morning, imploring them to stop shooting people at his Safeway.

Since climbing the grocery ranks to become manager of his first Safeway in 2005, Masoud Hosseini has seen 28 people shot in and around the stores he's managed, including one in the Phoenix area that was shut down just 4 months ago after the ex-husband of an employee gunned down 5 people with a machine gun there in August.

"Safeway is for shopping, not for walking around shooting everybody in the store," Hosseini said, "Why people can't just buy their food and go home without trying to kill every person in the parking lot, I don't understand."  

Though Hosseini says he is very grateful for the business of his loyal customers, he is beseeching them to choose locations other than his Safeway to commit their horrific acts of violence.

"I beg of you, it is very bad for business. If you must blow away some people, please do it at home, or maybe Albertsons," he suggested.

Despite all the trouble the latest mass shooting has caused him personally, Hosseini has not been swayed by the wave of anti-white, Christian sentiment that has swept over the country since last weekend's tragedy.

"Crazy is just crazy. White, black, Christian, Muslim, it doesn't matter. Just please, please be crazy somewhere else," he pled.

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