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Nation’s Police Cracking Down on Black Drivers

A new report indicating that nearly 60% of African Americans in the United States have operated a car in the last year has spurred a nationwide crackdown on black drivers, authorities say.

According to the study, if left unabated, the propensity amongst the nation’s African American population to get behind the wheel in increasing numbers could result in over 30 million blacks on the road by the year 2010.

“More than anything else, this report is an indictment against the laxity of law enforcement around the country regarding this issue,” spoke Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, “But rest assured that the wake up call has been heeded, and that action to not only curtail this trend but reverse it has already been implemented.”

Baca claims that a combination of more traffic checkpoints and heightened vigilance amongst officers trained to identify and dissuade black motorists from continuing to drive through the issuance of citations for real and hypothetical infractions, arbitrary confiscation of personal possessions, and public humiliation should prove effective.

"We'll have them on the run, or the stroll, soon enough," Baca said, "Just as long as they're on foot."

Most baffling to many city officials, however, is the fact that walking isn't the only means of getting from here to there available to blacks in most areas of the country, as Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker pointed out.

"Salt Lake City has an excellent public transportation system comprised of busses and light rail trains capable of taking African Americans wherever it is they think they need to go in the city that's so important, and I'd suggest they stick to these if they're too good to walk," said Becker.

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