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New DreamYelp Allows Users to Review Businesses They Visit in Dreams

Yelp launched DreamYelp.com today, a new website that will allow users to evaluate businesses they patronize in their dreams.

According to a press release issued by the company, DreamYelp will serve as a platform for reviews of businesses of all kinds, real or non-existent, anywhere in the universe.

"For example, if you had a great time at an Australian flamenco restaurant owned by Austin Powers on the moon, you could log on and rate it five stars," explained Yelp Co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman.

Online only a few hours, users have already begun flocking to the new site to post their reviews.

One review of Dave's Roofing, an actual business in Lubbock, Texas, gave only one star.

"I dreamt my roof was leaking, so I called Dave and he sent Abraham Lincoln over to fix it. Unfortunately, Abe doesn't know a thing about roofing and spent the whole time complaining about Santana's new bass player. Thanks for nothing, Dave!" BigBill72 complained.

Another negative review was sumbitted for 'Some Mexican Restaurant Or Something On Some Beach Somewhere':

"NEVER EVER EVER come here!" Michelle S. wrote. "First of all, instead of chips and salsa they brought us a basket full of teeth, which is just weird, and when my husband asked the hostess about it, she called him Chinese (my husband is white). Then, when our waiter FINALLY showed up (after like five hours), he couldn't even take our order because he had lobster claws for arms! (One star only because DreamYelp doesn't have an option for zero)."

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