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Black Man Selected First Overall in NBA Draft

The Phoenix Suns selected DeAndre Ayton, a black man, with their first overall pick in this year's 2018 NBA draft Thursday.

Hailed as a landmark achievement for the African American community, the pick nevertheless has some fans crying "foul".

"You can't tell me there aren't five white ball players better qualified to be that pick," one basketball enthusiast complained. "Give me a break. How about Kevin Huerter, or Grayson Allen?"

Though the 7'1" Ayton scored over 20 points and collected 11.6 rebounds per game for the University of Arizona in 2017-18, it was his first and only year with the team, leading many to claim that he could have merely had a lucky season.

"One decent college season doesn't a top NBA prospect make," remarked Barry Walsh of the Terre Haute Examiner. "I think everyone knows the real reason this guy was picked number one."

Clarified Walsh: "This affirmative action is everywhere today. Politics, colleges, show business, you name it. Take Halle Berry's Oscar for 'Monster's Ball' in 2001. She wasn't in that movie more than twenty minutes."

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