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Man Who Accidentally Shot Own Son Accidentally Shoots Wife, Priest at Funeral

A man who accidentally shot and killed his own son during a road rage incident in Dallas last week inadvertantly killed his wife and two of his cousins at the boy's funeral this morning.

The man, 42-year-old Curtis Quinn of Garland, also wounded 5 others, including the priest giving the boy's liturgy when he mistakenly opened fire with an AR-15.

"I don't know what happened. It just started going off," Quinn reportedly said at the scene.

Quinn, who later stated that he brought the rifle as a means to express his grief during his son's internment, confirmed that he plans to be armed for the funerals of his wife and cousins when they're buried next week.

"Of course I will. Why wouldn't I?" he remarked.

Despite qualifying as a mass shooting, the Dallas Police Department announced that no charges will be filed against Quinn.

"Texas is an open carry state, and we're confident that each of the shootings involving Mr. Quinn have been accidents," Dallas PD spokesman Dallas Potter said.

Added Potter: "We have however advised Mr. Quinn to be more careful in the future."

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