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Mark Wahlberg: New Movie "Basically Sucks"

Appearing on Good Morning America today to promote his new film Instant Family, Mark Wahlberg said the movie, "Basically sucks."

"It's something about a couple who winds up adopting a bunch of kids all at once instead of just one, and some wacky crap happens," he described. "It's pretty lame."

Remarking that the film is, "Something you've probably seen about a thousand times already," the Boogie Nights and Departed actor demured from encouraging anyone from going to see it.

"Well, it's no Boogie Nights, that's for sure," he said. "It's not even The Other Guys. Or Daddy's Home 2. I don't know what this is."

"I'm so tired," Wahlberg added.

Instant Family, which opens Friday, will leave absolutely no impression on audiences, according to its leading man.

"It might be worth a chuckle or two if you're seven," Wahlberg said. "Also, I guess the theaters will be air conditioned, which could be good if you live in the Southern Hemisphere."

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