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Sarah Sanders Slaps Boy Straight Across the Mouth

Today's White House press briefing took a dramatic turn when Press Secretary Sarah Sanders smacked a boy straight across the mouth.

The boy, a 10 year-old who was attending the briefing on a field trip with other members of a DC-area school, had just asked Sanders a question related to President Trump's tariffs on international steel and aluminum when the Press Secretary invited him to approach the podium.

"He asked why the President was using the deficit as an indicator of economic weakness when most experts agree that an inverse relationship exists between trade deficits and the overall economic health of First World economies," the boy's teacher recounted. "It was a really smart question, and Mrs. Sanders said as much when she invited him down, ostensibly to congratulate him."

According to witnesses, that's when Sanders slapped the boy.

"She just hauled off and swatted him," his teacher said. "Right in the face."

"Just reached back and whapped him one," added the woman.

Sanders, who doesn't deny hitting the child, argued that the boy had it coming.

"He's a real smarty pants, this kid. Imagine the entitlement a ten-year-old must feel to come to The White House and suggest that the President doesn't grasp basic economic concepts that even grade school students understand," she remarked.

Sanders went on: "And Flannery? What kind of dumb girl's name is that? She's lucky I didn't break my heel off up her ass."

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